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Date Night Dancing at home

WHAT IS A DATE NIGHT?  ….   It’s a specific time and place put aside for just you and your partner, to share a romantic and intimate activity.

Aimed at both men and women, of all ages, we teach you how to dance together with your partner and how to create or reignite intimacy, love, romance and affection.

By simply holding hands and dancing you will experience silent communication and realise the importance of putting your partner first.

Understand why letting each other shine and being each others hero, enhances your relationship.

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Dancing Lovers; Brian & Adina Ross


We are Dancing Lovers, Brian and Adina Ross.

Brian is a UK professionally qualified dance teacher and Adina is an accomplished dancer. We both came to partner dancing very late in life, but love it so much. We believe in date nights and Date Night Dancing and will show you how it will work for you.

Date Night Dancing, was set up in lockdown to specifically help couples suddenly thrown together 24/7 and people all around the world, of every age are still hurting inside.

We believe dancing is not just recreational, but also generates happiness, boosts the immune system, creates positive energy, reduces anxiety and has many other wondrous properties.


“Turn the TV off ! …. There may be hundreds of channels but they all show bad news. 

The whole wide world has gone crazy, so  just dance.

Lock the door, turn the lights down low and move the couch. 

Locked down, going crazy, two left feet, don’t worry no one will see …. just dance.

Ditch the pyjamas, comb the hair, put on your best dress, find those high heels you love and dance to your favourite music …. yes and the ladies too!

 Bounce off the walls, float on air, forget Covid …. just dance!


"DATE NIGHT DANCING" is for couples who want to please their partner.

Date Night Dancing, will show you how to lead without being controlling; how to communicate without speaking; how to touch without embarrassment and how to laugh without constraint.

Do you disappoint your partner because you can’t dance? Does this make them unhappy? You can change that right here and now and they will love you for it.

Dancing at any level helps you live longer, love better and heal quicker.

As well as teaching you how to dance and relate together, each course is designed to improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connection as a couple.


Whichever Date Night Dance Experience you choose, it's completely risk free with our No Quibble, THIRTY DAY Money Back Guarantee.

Just contact us and we will cancel everything and refund every penny, with no questions asked.

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Date Night @ Home; Dance Experience One:

All the experiences are Video on Demand, broken down into a number of short, bite sized, sessions that can be stopped and started at will.

Each experience stands alone and covers different dance moves and relationship tips. They are yours forever.

Experience One: Absolute basic tuition for couples with four left feet.

NORMAL COST: £34.00 (lasts 50-60 mins).
SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER : £24.00 (for a limited period only).
To learn more, click the "BUY NOW" buttons below:

Date Night @ Home; Experience Two.

Experience Two expands and increases your repertoire of moves and gives more relationship tips. Very basic tuition for couples with three left.
Cost: £34.00 (lasts 50-60 mins). AVAILABLE SOON.

Date Night @ Home; Experience Three:

Experience Three expands and substantially increases your repertoire of moves and relationship tips. Basic tuition for couples with two left feet.
Cost: £34.00 (lasts 50-60 mins). AVAILABLE SOON.

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