To lose weight just dance!

Do you want to lose weight? Learn to dance Modern Jive!

Because losing weight by learning to dance Modern Jive with your wife or husband, is such a great way of enhancing your relationship, you will have lots of fun together at parties, discos, restaurants and bars, whilst getting fit.


Because this dance is so easy to learn and dance the results will be seen quickly and you will love it. The instructions and interest focus on absolute beginners and are designed to be learnt with your partner anywhere, but especially at home. The on demand, online videos are well worth watching and it only takes an hour or so to learn the basics.


Partner dancing has great fitness benefits and learning on-line is so easy even I can do it. The initial tutorial is totally FREE and there is no commitment whatsoever. For instance I do not need your credit card details or even your full name.

To lose weight just dance!

But as with any new exercise it is important to get plenty of rest each day and losing weight through partner dancing is effortless and amazingly enjoyable. The benefits of dancing are well documented everywhere on the net and they include happiness, well being, as well as fitness and weight reduction, all without even noticing it.

You will find that you will feel much better from the exercise. This is because dancing involves a lot of movement, which will help to stretch your muscles and get rid of excess weight whilst having fun and frolics.


Beginners should start with the easy moves and there is complex footwork at all. The first few times you try to learn you may find it strange. It is important to keep practicing as very quickly it will sink in. once you learn after only a few lessons you will be able to show off your moves at any party, bar, or restaurant that has music.

Modern Jive partner dancing involves learning mainly arm and upper body moves and because of this the footwork is more or less freestyle.

To lose weight just dance!

To lose weight just dance!

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